About Us

Whytemount Civils is Based in Nottingham and the directors combined have over 40 years experience in the construction industry, with experience in all disciplines of the construction sector. Some of which include power, water and the utilities sector.
We have evolved over the three years of trading to become a very successful civils contractor on the basis of our commitment to excellence which is the ethos that drives us to deliver the highest standards of quality and performance irrespective of the size, scope, or program requirements of any project.

As a company Whytemount Civils Limited developed through our ability to perform on projects with a greater degree of difficultly or where clients required a company with the experience and resources to meet strict deadlines without compromising on efficiency, quality or safety.

We have a highly motivated and experience workforce all of whom hold industry standard accreditations for their respective roles. We also maintain a continual training programme that has an equal emphasis on safety as well competency which is an indication of why we continue to maintain an excellent health and safety record